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  • 04 Jan 2018

Don’t Be Tricked By These 7 Dental Myths!


In this blog, we will unveil seven dental myths to make you aware so that next time you hear them, you won’t be tricked by any of the pseudo-truths.

Here are those seven major dental myths:

Myth 1:

Foods which include natural sugar don’t affect your teeth


Of course, foods with natural sugar including vegetables and fruits are the better option than things with refined sugar. But, no matter where it is coming from, sugar is sugar (favorite food source of bacteria) and it can damage your teeth.

Myth 2:

Branded teeth whitening kits are completely safe


Yes, teeth whitening is a cost-effective and easy solution to enhance your smile. But is it 100% safe?
Well, it is safe but only when you contact a dental specialist for teeth whitening process.

Myth 3:

You’ll discover you have a dental cavity because it hurts


Most of the people don’t know about their cavity problem until a dental checkup. As this is not something which you can feel or see every time, it surely needs more attention. Forget that cavities come with pain. So, if you don’t go for a dental checkup because you don’t have a toothache, it means you’re putting your dental health at an increased risk of them falling out.

Myth 4:

Swollen, bleeding, and red gums are a part of life


Whenever you notice swollen or red gums, it is an initial sign that something is gravely wrong with your teeth. Excessive red or bleeding gums are not a part and parcel of life. This is a very clear sign of a gum disease and you need to contact a dental specialist immediately.

There is no concern that modern dentistry has become very advanced but still, some myths linger on which are passed on as word of mouth. Here we’ve discussed more dental myths and facts to bust some myths about your dental health. Let’s unmask the reality behind these dental misconceptions too.

Myth 5:

No need to contact a dental expert as there is no visible teeth issue.


As we discussed, if there is no visible teeth issue or you’re not feeling any cavity pain, it doesn’t mean your teeth are perfectly fine. You should visit your nearby dental practice to make sure your teeth are healthy.

Myth 6:

Don’t brush your teeth if your gums are bleeding.


This problem occurs when food debris and dental plaque are not removed properly by regular flossing and brushing. If your gums are bleeding, it can be a good idea to brush and floss them gently and thoroughly twice a day. And if it getting worse, you should contact a dentist at the earliest.

Myth 7:

If you’re pregnant, avoid dental check-up.


Everyone including pregnant women should visit a dentist. Your oral health can affect your baby. So, it is important to visit your nearby dental practice for dental cleaning and other treatment required.

One thing you should remember is to avoid treatment in which anesthesia is needed. Overall, a dental check-up is totally okay during pregnancy.

These are some of the myths you should avoid whenever you hear. Also, aware people around you for the same.
The best way to avoid any dental issues is to make oral health your priority.

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