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  • 05 Oct 2017

How to Design a Training Workshop

Workshops are great ways to impart your knowledge and expertise to the people who are in need of those. In every short of profession, you someday must reach a position when you will be the one to whom people look up to for updated knowledge. And the best way to update other professionals is through workshops. Apart from that, if you are a consultant of some sort then you are just constantly delivering workshops. So, how to design a training workshop that will truly instill passionate knowledge within the participants?
Here’s how:

1. List All the Details

At first, have the core ideas sorted out. Note down the most basic points like- topic, bullet points of details related to the topic, your approach, training activities, time for the workshop, material needed for it and any other such essential aspects. Once you are ready with the core of it, you will easily get to the final script and module of the workshop.

2. Know Your Audience

Then, the second step is having an idea of your audience. Who are they? How much do they know about the topic of the workshop? What are their objective of attending the workshop? All these questions have to be answered. Then based on their level of understanding design your workshop content. Follow 1+1 strategy. Know what they already know then add some added value but not so much as to make it too difficult for them.

3. Set Specific Learning Outcomes

Now, before going on to creating the script have specific learning outcomes most essential to the topic that you would want your audience to take away from the workshop. Such as, instead of saying that you are going to teach digital marketing to your audience, say they are going to learn the basics like, social media marketing, the importance of SEO and learning to create content strategy etc.

4. Choose the Approach

Here comes the point when you select how will you present the content? Will it be just plain lecture or various supportive contents like videos, charts, etc. will be used? Will there be any focused group discussions or other exercises? Select your approach and other techniques to be used during the workshop based on the three steps described above.

5. Finally Develop the Contents

Now, you can create the final contents of your workshop. Complete the written script and create the other materials like videos, infographics, charts, exercises and anything else that you might have selected as your method of delivering the workshop. The full script should incorporate every detail that you may need during presenting the workshop.

6. Review and Streamline

Before finalizing the contents, you must thoroughly review and streamline all of it. It would be even better if you could manage to get it reviewed by other experts whom you know. While reviewing keep the factor of time in mind. Your script should allow you to deliver the workshop within the allotted time.

7. Advantages of Training Workshops

There are tons of benefits of workshops both for attendees and the organizers. The attendees get to know lots of new things and get to acquire new professional skills through workshops. On the other hand, the organizers get to establish themselves as an authority within the field and can broaden their referral network. Moreover, the brand value of the organizers also gets a huge boost through successfully organizing workshops.

So, follow these tips on how to design a training workshop to run successful workshops and reap the benefits of presenting training workshops.

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