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  • 17 Oct 2018

How Do You Cope With Stress and Negative Emotions

Stress Management

“The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.”

Although Milton had it spoken by Satan, it is true nonetheless. A simple thing, a simple task, an ordinary occurrence can get magnified by the lens of mind and cause huge stress, anxiety and negative emotions. On the contrary, simple day to life activities can become a source of unbound joy to another mind. So basically, it is all in the mind. This simple truth is the key to what do you do to cope with stress. Once you realize this, you will instantly realize how to cope with stress and negative emotions within you.

Know Your Mind:

We all know that Socrates told us to know ourselves. But, what constitutes our ‘selves’? Knowing ourselves has a lot to do with how do you cope with stress.

Now, there are many theories into it. But basically, there are mind and body that constitutes us. The issue of soul is largely contested and debated so let’s not jump into it right now. Let us just focus on life and mind for our present task of how to deal with stress.

As far as the body is concerned, science has done the entire job for us and we have the whole medical sciences which have laid bare the whole anatomy of our body. There are very few things now that we do not know about our body. But we cannot say so about our minds. There are very few things that we currently know about our minds. And that’s exactly what do you do to cope with stress and negative emotions. But how to know your mind?


Whenever the yogis and saints of ancient times sat for meditation, what actually were they doing? They were sitting still and trying to calm their minds so that they get a clear vision into their inner realities and know how to overcome stress.

It is exactly what you have to do in order to know your mind. You have to sit for meditation and calm your mind into silence so that you can see clearly into it without the haze and obscurities of thousands thoughts, worries and emotions. That’s exactly how to cope with stress.

Now, how to calm and silence your mind?

Focus on Breathing:

There are many techniques for focusing and silencing minds, but the most trusted, endorsed and easy way is to simply put focus on inhalation and exhalation while you breathe. Focus solely on your breathing and with exhalation let go off all the vent up emotions and thoughts in your mind.

At first, it will be difficult to keep focus for a long time but whenever your focus wanders away to any thought or worry, bring it back again to your breaths. Keep practicing every day. Start with small sessions of five to ten minutes. Then keep increasing the time. Gradually, you will see that your mind is becoming calmer and more silent. You will also start to realize the true nature of your mind and you will know how to deal with stress.

What is the true nature of the mind?

Nature of Mind

Mind is almost an automaton. Most of the times, it is on autopilot and keeps hammering you with thoughts, worries and emotions at random. It keeps disturbing you with unpleasant memories of the past and fears of the future. But the moment you realize this nature of mind, you will know that by these automatic thoughts you are gaining nothing but stress and negativity. Besides, you are losing ample amount of your mental energy.

You will also know that the negative thoughts and emotions are merely an illusion created by your mind. We can neither control what has already occurred in the past nor can we know what is to happen in the future. So, worrying about the future and crying over the past is just the automatic nature of an untrained mind with any practical necessity. It is nothing but unreal phantoms only existing within the mind. So, why being bothered by these phantoms?

Let Go of Your Phantoms

Now, once you have silenced your mind, you will instantly get another thing felt within you. It is peace.

When there will be no negative thoughts in your mind, the natural peace of your being will overcome you and you will be free from stress or anxiety.

So, how to overcome stress? It is by letting go of the unreal mental phantoms that your unobserved mind keeps creating within you and turns the heaven into a hell. Let go of your phantoms and be at peace to reclaim the grace of divine.

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