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  • 12 Aug 2018

What Is Company Culture and Why It Is So Important for an Organization

Company Culture

An organization is a place where many people from various backgrounds work together for a common goal and making a living. An organization is where many people share the same dream and a shared future. So, culture of an organization means actually some very deep things and have a much meaningful impact on lives related to that organization.

What defines Organizational Culture?

Company culture definition or the culture of your company is defined by the principles, beliefs, values and ideologies you hold as your company’s organizational touchstones. It is an overall inner atmosphere that you can feel within you and want to see in each of your employees upholding within themselves. A company is a place where you and your employees spend around 40 hours a week. So, the best company culture is not only important for your organizational goals but also essential for personal and professional lives of each one working there. So, why is it important to have a strong organizational culture?

Why is Organizational Culture Important?

As we were discussing, best company culture is important for not only organizational goals but also for lives of each employee. However, it is not all of it. There are much more essential needs that a healthy company culture fulfills and that’s why is organizational culture important.


The best company culture is like an invisible glue that keeps all the employees bound in a thread. It guides them on how to interact with each other and with the world. As each employee of the company is from different background, family, ethnicity or even nationality, a company culture helps them to better understand each other and sync with each other to allow smoother communication and lesser conflicts. Besides, a healthy and strong company culture ensures that all the employees are treated equally irrespective of any differences they might have.

Brand Identity

A organizational culture is the unique fingerprint of your company. Every company has a culture intentionally designed or not. And that is what makes each organization different from each other. It is your unique brand identity that not only helps your employees to become identified with but also attracts your customer or clients to become attracted and identified. As a result of a healthy company culture, your customers also become loyal to you.


Being a part of a positive company culture, every employee becomes inspired to work for the organization and remain loyal to it as long as they work there. Employees also find it more fulfilling to work for the betterment of the organization. As a result, they work hard to make the organization grow by the minute.


A strong company culture helps employees to understand the guidelines of their work effectively. Each employee gets the sense of their duties and responsibilities and works towards fulfilling them. Everybody knows their work and knows how to do it. Besides, a company culture also guides employees in times of difficulty and helps them to decide what to do when the tough time arises.

Healthy Competition

A healthy, positive and strong company culture creates healthy competition among the employees. Everyone wants to contribute more and more to the advancement of the organization. As a result, they work with more dedication and motivation. Besides, a company culture also ensures proper and rightful rewards for hard work and great work. That’s why the employees remain always happy and productive.

Good Culture Attracts and Retains Talent

If your company has a great culture then naturally it will also have a great reputation among the fresh graduates. As a result, you will never feel the lack of talented employees. Besides, once you get hold of the talents, a healthy organization culture will also keep them enough happy and loyal to you so as to make them a lifelong partner of your company.

Millennial Expectations

A healthy company culture is essential in times like now than ever as millennials have become the largest groups in the workforce. To millennials, work means a lot more than just a source of livelihood. They constantly try to find places that resonate with their passion and interest. So, if your company does not offer a great culture that inspires them to work, you will not get many great workers now.

As to this point, there must not remain any doubt in your mind about why is it important to have a strong organizational culture? So, if you are worried about the health of your organizational culture, do not make further delay in fixing it.

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