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  • 18 May 2018

Common dental emergencies and what to do

Dental Emergencies

Can you go to urgent care for dental pain? If not, you will get into a worse situation.

Let’s face it- dental emergencies are daunting. They can happen to anyone, anytime. Many people are often scared to go to the dentist. But if you don’t visit, the situation may get worse. So, whether you are having a minor pain or major dental problem, it is wise to consult a dentist as soon as possible. So, what are the common types of dental problems that may hit you? Let's find out

Cracked Tooth:

If your tooth is cracked or fractured, call your dentist as soon as possible. In most cases, a small crack in the tooth doesn’t consider as an emergency, especially when there is no pain.

But if you have extensive fracture or cracks, treat them as the severe types of dental emergencies that need immediate attention. Such injuries can usually involve underlying dentin, enamel, and the pulp. This can cause pain and could result in tooth damage if left untreated.

If you are having pain in your tooth, you can minimize discomfort by taking over-the-counter pain or use ice-packs that is an effective remedy for treating toothache. The more you use ice-packs, the better you’ll feel.

Knocked-out tooth:

This is one of the most common dental emergencies that need instant attention. If you’ve knocked out permanent tooth accidentally, then you have to visit a dentist to reattach it. You can also follow these steps during this emergency -

Hold your tooth by the crown:

● Rinse with water
● Re-position your tooth in the socket, hold it gently and with a tea towel or gauze reattach it to the right place. If you are having a tough time doing so, then put your tooth in the glass of milk.
● Contact nearest dental office as soon as possible

Tissue injuries:

One of the common dental emergencies is tissue injuries. These are- lacerations, cuts and other wound occur to the cheeks, tongue, lips or the soft tissues of the mouth. If you are going through any of these injuries, then just follow these steps-

● Rinse your mouth gently with water
● Apply a piece of gauze or a clean cloth with a little pressure
● If bleeding is extensive or persistent, then seek immediate medical assistance.

Lost Filling:

Loss of filling may cause pain as there is now a hole in your tooth. This is one of the common dental emergencies that usually happen to people who have to fill their tooth. However, you can also buy dental cement from a drugstore in order to fill the space. If you don’t find this method useful then, have a sugarless gum for a short-span solution. Avoid using gum with sugar as it will enhance pain.

A toothache

There are different reasons for a toothache. It can be a sign of some big issue and should not be ignored. Whether you are having minor pain in your tooth or some major pain, consult your dentist, without wasting your time. If you don’t have access to a dentist, then you can get relieved from the pain with some medicine and cold compress. A rinse with lukewarm water can also help.

To sum up:

Dental problems are one of the major problems, people are scared of. At that times, having some reliable and trustworthy dentist by your side can help. If you are looking for a professional dentist for the treatment near you, then Net Pro Referral can help! Regardless the types of dental emergencies, you can find the best dentist near you with the help of this powerful searchable reference directory for professionals.

Of course, no one wants to lose their happy smile. Right? So what’s your take - can you go to urgent care for dental pain now?

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