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  • 08 Nov 2017

How Do Clients Find Your Law Firm?

Law Firm
How your clients are hearing about you and how they are finding you as their attorney? When you think of how people search for your law firm for the first time, it may seem clueless to you for some time. But knowing your business sources is essential for your law practice.
You will be able to target your marketing and other efforts to bring in new clients in a much better way. So, let’s have a look at the sources from where your clients usually find you as their lawyer.

Friends and Family

It is quite natural that in most of the cases while searching for a law firm people will ask the people they already know – their friends, family and colleagues. So, the referrals from friends and family are the first referral source for finding your law firm. To utilize this source of referrals you will have to expand your referral network. The more people will get to know you as a lawyer or a law firm the more such referrals you will get.

Social Media

The second most used way for people to find law firms is social media platforms. Through social media platforms like Facebook people search for law firms and other business quite easily. So, you have to have a strong social media presence as a lawyer, attorney or a law firm. Apart from that, there are some specific networking sites for professionals that are also used to find law firms.


One such professional networking site is NetProReferral. It is also a very easy and efficient way for people to search law firms. In NetProReferral your clients will find you through a simple search and will be able to evaluate you based on the number and amount of professional referrals you have got from lawyers, attorneys and other professionals. So, if you have not claimed your profile in NetProReferral yet, do it right away!

Lawyer Referral Services

Apart from these ways, many people find law firms by simply searching on Google and landing on a random lawyer referrals service. So, online lawyer referral services are also ways through which people search law firms.

Professional Referrals

These kinds of referrals occur when any of your prospective clients ask any other professionals they know about a lawyer. If those professionals happen to know about you as a great lawyer, then naturally the clients will be referred to you. So, in order to avail this valuable source of getting clients you have to expand your professional referral network. In this regard, you can utilize the power of social media and professional networking sites like NetProReferral and LinkedIn. Besides, you should also attend professional networking events, workshops and meet-ups.

Other Online Sources

Apart from all the above ways through which people search for law firms, there are some other online sources like Google local business listings and other business listings like yelp from where people also find law firms.
So, here are all the ways through which people find law firms. Hopefully, you will be able to utilize this information by positioning yourself on all the available places searched by people to find lawyers and law firms.
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