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Category: lawyer and attorney

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  • 19 Jan 2018

Career Problems of a Young Lawyer

  The profession of a lawyer is one of the oldest and the most respected profession. It originated before 3000BC in Babylon. But as the days passed by it evolved and became more challenging just like any other field of work. In the modern days with the advent of technology, the field has grown into becoming ever more competitive. So, what are the challenges a young lawyer freshly out of a law school may face? Facing the Real World: One of the first problems a new lawyer faces is learning to handle the real-life legal situations and the pressures that come along with them quickly and professionally. As…

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  • 12 Jan 2018

How To Choose The Best Real Estate Attorney

Real estate can be risky business. Whenever, you decide to buy, lend or rent a new house or property there are lots of considerations to be made and a lot of papers and legal procedures to handle. Above all, it involves handling of very large sums of money. At times, your whole life’s savings could be at stake. So, it’s always better to take advice and assistance of an expert. That’s what a real estate attorney does for you. He/she will see to your real estate deals and the whole legal and contractual issues in your best interest. Moreover, they…

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  • 10 Jan 2018

How Lawyers Use Social Media For Business

With the growing influence of internet on our lives, social media has taken the center stage of all the happenings. Be it for business or just for hanging out with friends social media is the go-to destination for all. Amid such social media upheaval, professionals like lawyers to are exploring various aspects of social media to leverage their business prospects and opportunities. Here we have discussed some of the ways you can use social media as a lawyer to benefit your business growth. Knowing the Best Social Media Platforms for Lawyers: Not all social media platforms are suitable for all kinds of…

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  • 03 Jan 2018

Finding A Personal Injury Attorney In Your City

Getting injured in an accident is quite a common scenario these days. And finding a personal injury lawyer for your accident case to help you get a fair settlement from your insurance company, is equally tough. Although you can receive compensation without the help of a legal representative, in the absence of a personal injury attorney, the insurance company can take advantage of you by offering you less than what you actually should be compensated for. That’s why it is mandatory to have a personal injury attorney when you meet with such an unfortunate incident. Here are some tips which will help…

Having a profound knowledge of your prospective client’s patterns of search behavior is essential in multiple aspects for increased business of your law practice. If you know the search behavior of your clients, you will not only be able to target them in better ways but also be able to help them with tailored and customized services. So, let’s have a peek into the search behavior of clients looking to hire an attorney: 3 Step Search Pattern Your prospective clients are searching for you in three basic steps. Firstly, they are searching for you in online and offline sources. Secondly,…

If you do a google search with the words and lawyer and attorney you will get somewhat a gloomy picture for the fresh graduates from the law schools who are probably thinking of making a place online as a lawyer or attorney. The first page of the search result is fully covered by only the meaning of the words lawyer and attorney, how are these two words different in practice and one or two lawyer and attorney finding directories along with one Wikipedia article on the legal practice. Then if you move on to the next page of search result…