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  • 17 Jan 2018

Are you having problems with your lawyer?

The lawyer-client relationship is a two-way relationship. Both the lawyer and the client need to be satisfied with each other. A lawyer handles things which are among the most important ones of a client’s life. Legal issues are not to be taken lightly. If as a client you are not happy with your lawyer you should never sit back as it can risk you many important things like the earnings of your whole life, investments, deals etc. You must rather identify the problems behind such situation and try to find out the solutions. Here are some of the stages you could go through if you have problems with your lawyer. Identify the Problem: Identify the problem at an initial stage. If you are having issues with your lawyer and…

There are attorney referrals services for each and every state bar associations out there. There are also some specific attorney referral services for specialized legal referrals online. And then there is where attorneys get referred by other expert legal professionals around them. So, what is the major difference between the traditional attorney referral services and Let us find out the answer. Whenever you embark on the journey of finding a lawyer usually what comes first in your mind is having an attorney referred to you by your local bar association’s attorney referral program. So, you become a member…