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  • 19 Jan 2018

Career Problems of a Young Lawyer


The profession of a lawyer is one of the oldest and the most respected profession. It originated before 3000BC in Babylon. But as the days passed by it evolved and became more challenging just like any other field of work. In the modern days with the advent of technology, the field has grown into becoming ever more competitive.

So, what are the challenges a young lawyer freshly out of a law school may face?

Facing the Real World:

One of the first problems a new lawyer faces is learning to handle the real-life legal situations and the pressures that come along with them quickly and professionally. As a fresh-out-of-law-school graduate, you were in your classroom learning all about law and legal practices from textbooks and lectures but now you are in the classroom of the world. There are real people’s lives in your hands. That’s a hell lot of responsibility. This is one of the major challenges in the legal profession.

Keep Learning:

When you come out of law school, you have a significant learning curve. Real practical learning starts after that. So, learning from other experienced lawyers and attorneys and working under them is another challenge in legal profession. Moreover, learning as a lawyer basically never stops. A lawyer keeps learning new aspects of the practice throughout their career. This is a challenge in legal profession you must overcome – you must be ready to always learn new things.


Getting Connected:

From getting to work as an assistant to getting to know new things, connections can do wonders for a new lawyer. Therefore, you have to get connected with your local bar association and other legal communities to overcome the problems lawyers face today. However, learning to garner connections and referral network building can be also seen as a challenge in legal profession for a new lawyer. You can also attend seminars and other events related to the legal field to strengthen your connections.


Higher Client Expectations:

Now, the clients have much higher expectations from their lawyers and they have all the access to legal information through the internet. So, the job of a new lawyer with their clients becomes even more challenging. The new lawyers have to be smarter and more discerning. They should be aware of the facts that their clients will have gone through the legal material on the web so, they must be able to carefully discern and debunk the wrong information they might have acquired from the internet.

Stringent Regulations:

Another issue that came along with the development of technology is the legal regulations that you have to be updated with and follow as a lawyer. There are so many issues to keep in mind about privacy, security and digital communication and conduct that you cannot but be on your heels to be constantly updated with the latest development within the technological field and the legal considerations of each new development.

Initial Low Income:

Another problem that a new lawyer is likely to face is the initial low-income flow. As a new lawyer will generally have to pass a difficult time getting new clients so they can’t expect high income simply from the beginning. Moreover, they will also most likely to have to work under a senior lawyer for some time to gather experience, connections and necessary presentational skills before they start representing clients themselves.

These are the challenges in legal profession that a new lawyer is likely to face. In order to overcome these challenges, a new lawyer has to be patient and hard working.

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