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  • 17 Jan 2017

Business Promotion Ideas - Advertise your Medical Practice with Success

Promotion Ideas for Success

It is surprising how many medical professionals refuse to accept a new advertising method, just because they are used to the old ones. It is even more surprising how much money they spend on advertising methods that aren't efficient and don't produce the expected (ROI) Return On Investment. Successful marketing ideas that will get both doctors and patients to ask for your services or want to do business with you are those worthy of your money.

For a Start, try these Free or Low-Cost Promotion Ideas and Advertise your Medical Practice:

1. Create your Medical Web Page

The point of creating your web page is to get patients and other medical professionals read about your work, your practice, ask useful questions, and more. Starting your own blog where you'll be able to answer some questions and write unique content will help you rank higher on Google.
Today, Google is the first place where patients look when they are in need of a medical professional.

2. Connect your Page to Social Media

There must be social media buttons available on your blog or web page so that people will have the option to share your content.

3. Post Pictures and Inspiring Stories of Your Patients

It’s nearly impossible to see that people love inspiring stories. You can ask your patients for permission and once in a while post some stories about something that happened in your practice and what did you and your staff learn from it. You’ll be surprised at the number of shares you'll get. People want to see the real side of life. As a medical professional, there is no one that can do it better than you.

Post regularly, and make sure to include your own pictures. Forget about stock photos, fake stories, and stolen social media posts. Write about how your day was and how did you manage to get through difficult times. People that get your medical services would be thrilled to see you and your staff all happy and welcoming on your pictures. Make sure to share on every social media platform you have, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.

Learn more: Things to Consider before Launching an Advertising Campaign

4. Referral Marketing

Regardless if you are a dental or another medical professional, referral and wword-of-mouthmarketing will bring the highest number of patients to your practice. If you have experienced referral marketing, you know it’s a difficult process. If we take a closer look, the biggest issue when it comes to getting referrals is that more than 50% of the referrals go to the wrong medical practice, visit the wrong medical practitioner, wasting theirs and your time and money.

But there is a solution to this problem. The best part? It’s free and easy. Just join NetProReferral! It's an electronic system where you create your profile, instantly promote your practice among other businesses, for free, build relationships with your existing clients and expand the window of opportunities with new ones. This will help you grow your practice, without a doubt.

It’s worthless to spend your time and money on advertising that doesn’t show any results. The sooner you understand it, the better. With NetProReferral , you are not joining your regular electronic base of getting referrals. You get a unique opportunity to grow your medical practice by offering quality that your patients and other medical professionals will recognize and value.

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