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  • 26 Jul 2018

Better Healthcare Options with Advent of Modern Technology

health care

The advent and advancement of technology have impacted all the sphere of our lives in mostly positive ways. Healthcare is among those aspects that technology has impacted most positively and massively than others. Along with these impacts came great changes in how we receive healthcare and many better options have emerged for accessing healthcare.

Here we will discuss the changes brought about by technology in the field of medical sciences and also shed light on the greater options that have emerged out of the development of technology.

Comprehensive Home Healthcare:

Although home healthcare is an age-old concept, technological innovations have enabled a whole new level of home healthcare facilities available today. With increasing development in the healthcare technologies now a fully intensive care facility can be provided in the comfort of home. With the use of remote monitoring systems, ICU control rooms can remotely monitor real-time patient data of medical vitals and can administer treatment. Besides, with the effective use of various smartphone apps and chatbots patients can always communicate with intensivists whenever needed. Besides, any other healthcare facilities like elderly care, post-operative care and others can easily and with greater efficacy be done through home healthcare with occasional visits from the specialists when needed. With these new models of home healthcare, the overall cost of treatment has also drastically decreased. Besides, it is also helping in solving the problem of hospital bed shortages around the world.

Access to Healthcare Information:

With internet access available to all, now all the information of the world is at our fingertips. This has brought about a huge shift in how patients access health information. According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 80 percent of internet users, or about 93 million Americans, search for a health-related topic online. So, this means a lot in terms of overall health awareness among people in general. People are now more aware of health care options and are more informed about what to ask and when to ask the doctors.

Wider Communication between Doctors and Patient:

Doctors and medical institutions are using technologies to spread health awareness and widen communication with patients and mass people in an effective way. With the use of social media, doctors are being able to connect with a huge number of patients to share knowledge and spread awareness. Through social media, patients too are being able to ask and get answers from doctors whenever they need. Besides, other communication tools like mobile apps and chatbots have resulted in a seamless and affordable care from medical experts.

Advancement of Treatment Facilities:

With the advent of technological innovation, there came a huge development in treatment facilities and medical equipment. Now, with modern technologies, doctors can diagnose and treat many hitherto incurable diseases with utmost efficacy and almost hundred percent success rate.

Improved Patient Care:

As mobile and computer technologies being implemented in each and every sphere of our lives, it has affected every aspect of medical care as a whole. Now, instead of paper or analog reports of medical vitals, doctors and nurses use handheld mobile devices that stores and analyses all the medical details of a patient. This not only allows accurate and effective patient care but also allows all data to be stored for future reference. This data can be accessed by the patient or any other doctor in future to see patient history. As a result, doctors and medical institutions have improved patient care to a large extent. Besides, all the data accumulated in a centralized database allows medical researchers access a treasure trove of information to carry out their studies in complex diseases and health conditions.

Doctor Collaboration:

With endless and unprecedented advancement in communication technologies, doctors from all over the globe can come together to discuss and share their skills and expertise to deal with any kind of medical emergencies. Any doctor sitting there in Africa and faced with any medical complexity can consult any other expert in the world through these communication technologies.

So, here we can see how there arose a multiplicity of available options and an all-encompassing advancement in healthcare with the advent of technology. Now, you have all the medical information and medical assistance from your mobile devices and have healthcare provided to you in the comfort of your own home at much lesser cost.

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