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  • 15 May 2018

How a Banking Lawyer Can Help with Your Banking Dispute

Banking Lawyer

Any business- small or large often relies on banks to get commercial loans. These loans are intended for businesses that want to grow and expand in the market. Banks not only provide commercial loans to the businesses but also offer in-depth analyses, banking assistance and more. However, this relationship is not as smooth as it appears and most of the time it ends-up with the banking disputes. Such disputes often become so severe that either banks or business decided to sue each other. This increases the need for banking lawyer, who could help in dissolving the case as soon as possible.

Who is a banking lawyer?

The role of banking lawyer is to arrange loans and all the legal aspects related to it like paper works and all. A banking lawyer also provides legal guidance and advice related to banking disputes and a wide assortment of finance and corporate related cases.

Common Types of Banking Disputes:

The baking lawyer is responsible for a number of banking disputes. Some of the common yet major are-

● Finances sums into one or more than one accounts.
● Hidden or enhanced bank fees
● Foreclosures or Unjust repossessions
● Contract Breach
● Inter-bank disputes
● Mis-selling of financial services or products
● Non-payment of commercial loans etc.
● Loan fraud

How can Banking and finance lawyers help?

Banking disputes are not easy to deal with. These are complicated and can continue for a long span of time. The professional attorney can provide the right legal solution to your issue and make sure to resolve the case, keeping your interest in mind. Other than this, they help in-

● Setting up a new business
● Provide appropriate documentation like credit card number, tax identification number, bank accounts etc.
● Advice employers creating contacts with employees
● Securing lending from a financial institution
● Real estate finance
● Private equity finance
● project finance etc.

Legal Remedies for Disputes over Bank Loans:

When a bank is at fault, or responsible for dispute, you may come across with a number of legal remedies provided by the banking and finance lawyers. These are-

● Re-negotiating or re-writing of loan terms in order to correct the error
● Revocation of professional license during frauds
● Damages caused by the violation

However, if the borrower is at fault, then remedies can be – a lien placed on the property of the borrower, or damages award in favor of bank etc. Sometimes, the bank can obtain title to the property of the borrower in lieu of payment for the purpose of default.

Hiring Professional Banking lawyers for disputes:

Bank loans disputes can result in violations and legal disputes. These are not easy to handle and therefore needs precise consideration. The most important thing to start with is to look for the professional banking and finance lawyers who have years of expertise in solving such cases. Although during your search, you may come across with many options, you should look for one who has years of knowledge in resolving banking and finance cases. Moreover, look for the one who is well acquainted with states and federals rules and regulations.


Hiring a good lawyer for banking disputes is not as easy as it seems when there are lots of options available. So, it is wise to look for one that offers you efficient services like helping you file a claim and can represent your business or you on the court.

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