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  • 24 Jan 2018

How Should An Attorney Handle Negative Online Reviews? 


No one likes negative feedback and it is quite obvious. Negative reviews mean negative image of your business which can lead to a great business loss in the future. Being a lawyer, you understand that online reputation management (ORM) is an intrinsic portion of your overall customer acquisition strategy. Online reviews are one of the essential elements of a law firm’s marketing strategy. Nowadays, everyone is well-aware with the craze of the internet, so online reviews matters a lot. In simple words, they can make or break a business.

According to a recent study, approximately 84% of people trust online reviews whenever it comes to hiring a trustworthy lawyer. This is the major reason management is important for the sustainable and healthy growth of law business of any age and size.

Not all online reviews are positive

If you’re relying on online reviews to grow your law firm, first of all, make your mind that you will get both positive and negative reviews. You just need to learn how to handle negative online reviews. Lawyers must be able to manage and respond to negative reviews effectively, the only tactic which can turn negative reviews into your business advantage. Here are some effective tips which show how to handle and how to respond to negative online reviews:

1. Calm yourself

● When you read something bad about you, your first reaction can be anything. It can be anger, fear, anxiety, or anything else.

● A quick response to that bad comment is not something you should do. Never take a decision in hurry.

● Don’t lose your calm and behave gently.

2. Figure out the situation

● The first thing you should do is dissect the situation. Figure out who posted that comment. Is it a competitor, your client, or an unknown person?

● Is the online review legitimate? Always be honest with yourself. You can guess it whether the review is logical or not from its content and writing style.

● When the review posted and what was was the reaction of others on it?

● Try to communicate with the reviewer to know his intention.


3. Do not avoid

● Keep this thing in your mind always, never ignore a bad review.

● Most of the lawyers do the same in the hope that it will fade away on its own with time. Don’t do the same.

● Ignoring a bad review is not a good strategy at all.

● On the internet, nothing goes really away.

● No response to a negative review means most of the people take it as a truth.

4. Maintain your composure

● Whenever a client finds a negative review, the very first thing they do is look at your reply to that particular review.

● If the reviewer appears frustrated, impatient, or angry, you just maintain your composure and handle that review calmly.

● Give a very calm and honest reply to that review.

● A cool reply to that review shows your efficiency and experience and helps you in raising your reputation in the readers' mind.

These are some of the points you need to keep in your mind whenever you see a negative review on your business website. These tips not only help you in handling negative reviews but also help you learn how to stop bad reviews online. Also, it is not possible to please everyone on the internet. You just give your best and offer excellent client service. This is the only thing that can take your business to the next level.

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