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  • 17 Jan 2018

Are you having problems with your lawyer?


The lawyer-client relationship is a two-way relationship. Both the lawyer and the client need to be satisfied with each other. A lawyer handles things which are among the most important ones of a client’s life. Legal issues are not to be taken lightly. If as a client you are not happy with your lawyer you should never sit back as it can risk you many important things like the earnings of your whole life, investments, deals etc. You must rather identify the problems behind such situation and try to find out the solutions.

Here are some of the stages you could go through if you have problems with your lawyer.

Identify the Problem:

Identify the problem at an initial stage. If you are having issues with your lawyer and thinking that your lawyer is not helping you then don’t be in denial and think that everything will end up just fine. Call a spade a spade and try to be clear with the lawyer and with yourself by pinpointing the exact issues you are facing with your lawyer.

Attention to Details:

While trying to sort things out with your lawyer, do not ignore minor problems. If you and your lawyer do not agree on something, it’s better to be clear about it from the beginning. No matter how small or minor the issue may seem to you do not hesitate to get it sorted out with your lawyer.


If you are not happy with your lawyer then talking about the problem in the beginning of it can save you from a lot of stress. Talk to your lawyer clearly but not harshly about the problem. Maybe you were not happy with your lawyer due to some simple misunderstanding that a discussion would just clear it out.


Is The Problem with You?

Let not the discussions be only one-sided. You can do a lot better with an expert’s opinion. Remember that’s the reason you hired a lawyer in the first place. Ask your lawyer if he/she has any problems with you or your views or wants you to change anything.


Try to Understand the Process:

Your lawyer might have a reason for something he/she is doing that’s bothering you. It could be for your greater good. Ask for his/ her opinion or reasoning behind the problem you are facing. Give him chances to convince you.

Find a Solution Together:

Try to finds out a solution together. Remember you both are on the same side. The objective is to help you with the legal affairs.

You Can Fire Your Lawyer:

Even though looking for a new man to hire or going through the whole hiring process can seem to be pretty painful, if the lawyer does not cooperate and your problem does not seize to exist, you should start looking for a new one after one or two fair warnings. You cannot really afford to compromise on your legal matters.

Lawyer’s job is a serious job. Go through the above steps if you feel your lawyer is not helping you. As the last resort do not hesitate to fire your lawyer in order to get a new one in due time. Solve the problem before it becomes too harmful to you and causes you great loss.

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