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  • 15 Feb 2017

Advertising Campaigns - Thing You Should Know

Making an Advertising Campaign

An advertising campaign is the collection of advertisements centralized around delivering a certain message with the intention of promoting a certain thing. Advertising campaigns use different types of media platforms and marketing channels to get their message across. Also, the timing of these advertising campaigns is specifically defined and fixed.

Below are some of the most basic and fundamental things you must know before starting an advertising campaign:

Why are you Advertising and what are you Advertising?

The main objective of an advertising campaign is to:

● Make your business and brand visible
● Inform potential customers about your products and services
● Launch and promote new products
● Attract audiences and subtly encourage them to purchase your products
● Provide your products to the customers

The Procedure of Making an Advertising Campaign is as Below:

1. Proper research: The first and the basic step to advertise a product in the market is a complete market research. It includes finding the demand of a particular product in the market, the competitors in the same field, etc.

2. Know your audience: Recognizing and targeting the right audiences should be your first priority. Know what they want, what problems they face, and use advertising as a way to offer them a solution to that. Give them what they are seeking.

3. Set the budget: Next is the budget. Set your budget while keeping the mandatory aspects in your mind like presentations, media, paperwork, and more.

4. Decide a theme: when it comes to deciding the theme of an advertising campaign – you need to work out a couple of things. For example, which color to use, what type of graphics to go with, and so on? Be sure to keep the theme consistent across all the ads. Additionally, you need to work out the sound, music, and voices to be used, the medium of delivering messages, the languages you are going to use, and lots more.

5. Selection of media: you can go with the social media platforms to get your message across, but be sure to put your efforts across the most relevant channels where the flow of the relevant audiences is the highest.

6. Media Scheduling: This is another important point you should be mindful about. Scheduling should be done accurately to ensure that your ads will be visible and audible to the customers at just the right time.

Not all advertising campaigns necessarily have fixed duration and timings. Some are seasonal whereas some run all year round. Similarly, some are area based, some are media based, some are objective based, and some are product based.

The goal of an advertising campaign is to meet the desired goals within a specified period of time. In short, you can say that advertising campaigns are the best way to convince potential customers and to increase the sales of your business.

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