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  • 23 Feb 2017

Advertise Like A Pro Without Even Spending A Dime

Okay, you may have to pay for the data subscription you have been using. Or if you have access to some free internet then it is awesome! Now let’s get started.

Here we will be Talking about some Basic Knowledge that Everybody Knows and Everybody is Doing:

Basically, you will know that you can advertise on google and on Facebook for free. You can even do that with some money though! But I am more concerned with the free advertising for you. I will share some very useful tricks that you can use for advertising your product or services for free on Google and Facebook.

How to Advertise on Facebook for Free:

Firstly, let me clarify there is no way you can post a free ad on Facebook other than using some free coupons which are really hard to get. You can still advertise your business for free all the same with a bit of ingenuity.

The steps are simple. You have to have a great Facebook page with all the necessary things like cover photos, pro pics, bios and other details in perfect shape and rightly displayed. Then comes the task of having a proactive social content creation and sharing strategy. You have to be super active on Facebook and engage with related groups on Facebook. Spread the news of your products and services all around you through stellar contents like blogs, videos, infographics or even simple images. Keep in mind that your content must have some additional value other than just promoting your business. It should attract and entertain or inform the social users for this trick to work.

Although there are big Facebook groups who would not like to allow your posts directly posted on their feed. But if you can create such posts that would be very useful for the group members along with referring to your business then they would have to allow it and you get the coverage to thousands as a form of totally free advertisement.

Be on the lookout for any such Facebook users who are facing a problem and your service may be of help to them. Post your links to the comment thread. This can be anything that you have created - a blog on your website focused on the problem-solving expertise of your product or service, a video or an infographic detailing how your product can help.

Thus, you become broadly visible on Facebook and can bypass the paid advertisement campaigns. Above all, you become able to advertise your business for totally free.

Free Advertising on Google

Another such great opportunity for free advertising is Google business listing. This is quite easy. You don’t have to even shed your sweat on this one. Just add your business on Google My Business through providing all the necessary information like addresses, phone number, and related photos and appear on the search results both on google search and google maps for free.

However, having a well-developed google+ page with it is always a good idea as google my business will only link your business’ google plus page to your business listing. This is the best free advertising online possible ever till date!

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