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  • 21 Feb 2018

8 Greatest Innovations for Dental Health

Dental Health

The dentistry field is changing and evolving constantly to suit the needs of different patients. The goal of emerging dental technology and new innovations in dentistry is to make patients’ experience as pleasant as possible. There are a number of new and amazing dental innovations made in the industry including 3-D printing, CRISPR, and augmented or virtual reality. Advancements in the oral field provide better solutions for dental issues than ever before. These dental innovations are benefiting both dentists and patients.

There are several advancements in the oral field that your dentists are using to provide improved state of comfort and enhanced oral health. All dental innovations play a necessary role in the comfort of patients, dentists, hygienists, and dental specialists at the practice, by allowing them to offer the greatest standard of oral care. Here are some of the new innovations in dental health.


Computer Assisted Manufacture/Computer Assisted Design technologies are utilized in several fields to offer accurate design of materials or items to be constructed. In oral industry, this advanced technology permits for the fabrication and design of oral restorations that fit the feel and look of natural teeth. This kind of oral technology can be used for inlays/onlays, dental bridges, crowns, and porcelain veneers.

Sedation Dentistry:

Sedation dentistry is both effective and safe; this is why most of the dentists prefer to use this. This technique doesn’t require needles so it’s good for people who fear them.

Laser Dentistry:

The best part of this dentistry is that it provides a less invasive alternative to several procedures. The light energy this laser produces results in almost painless and the healing period is also little.


This is the highest oral improvement over the oral drill. It helps you in removing decayed teeth precisely without using a local anesthetic. This system utilizes blasts of pellets of aluminum oxide and air to treat dental issues like cavities.

Digital X-rays:

In addition to promising lesser exposure to radiation, digital X-rays permit photos to be projected on a computer desktop. This technique is very comfortable and helps dentists to find oral health issues related to mouth, teeth, and jaw.

Intraoral camera:

This offers dental care providers with high-quality imaging gadget that can be utilized for patient education, enhanced patient communication, and higher case acceptance. The small cameras are used in the mouth of patients to take clear images of patient’s mouth to detect and prevent dental problems.

NTI-tss Device:

This is used on people who are suffering from migraine headaches and TMD. This reduces the requirement for invasive surgery and helps with health issues linked to TMJ discomfort (Temporomandibular Joint). The device is effective for lowering pains associated with TMD.

Composite Resins:

They are used in different restorations including veneers and bonding. They are better refined to replicate tooth function and tooth colors. They are easy to apply and highly durable. Oral experts can apply this material directly to patients’ teeth and mold it to the actual teeth shape and color.

These are some of the greatest and new innovations in dentistry that are changing the whole attitude of people towards dental health. These technologies ensure to deliver world-class oral care experience to patients. Recently, most of the dentists are using these technologies in their clinics for efficient, durable, natural-looking, and comfortable patient experience.

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