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  • 12 Mar 2018

6 Interesting Ways to Market Your Events


Organizing events is a very effective strategy to spread the word about your business. With a well organized and highly impactful event, you can impress and attract your target audience in a bulk and turn them into your loyal clients in no time. So, the first aspect of using events as a strategy for business expansion is to design the event to be as much impactful as possible. Being impactful I mean, it has to be very attractive to your audience and at the same time it must give your audience a great time and add a considerable amount of value to their experience. Apart from this, there is another aspect of using events as a business expansion strategy and it is the marketing of the event itself. Now, you may ask how to promote an event successfully?

A lot depends on the marketing, branding, and promotion of your events. After designing a great event if you fail to reach to your target audience, how will they know about it and register for the event? Besides, marketing also plays a role in making the event an attractive one at the same time. So, here we will be getting to know the most effective and very creative ways to promote your events.

Standalone Registration Page

The first essential requirement for the branding and marketing of your event is launching a standalone webpage for your event. All the details regarding your event will be available there and your target audience will be able to visit the page and register. Have all the necessary information about the program - like program schedule, list of attractions, benefits and other such details in prominent places. Then do not forget to add a ‘refer a friend button’ within good visibility.

Focus on High-Quality Graphics, Photos, and Videos

The kind of graphics you use to create the web setup for your event can be considered the face of your event. So, give as much emphasis as possible on this aspect. The outlook must impress at the first sight. Consider having some very high-quality graphic design at play. Use photographs to show and express the things that will be offered at the event. You should also consider creating high-end video infographics to impress your audience and to promote your event.

Engage Relevant Thought Leaders or Celebrities

Another creative way to promote an event is to involve an industry thought leader or a celebrity to endorse your event. You can also have them attend the event and participate as a key attraction in it. That way the reach of your marketing will skyrocket. Use their presence as a USP. Keep their names, photos or videos within the marketing contents that you create for the occasion.

Update on Social Media Platform

If you can do the above-mentioned processes well and be constantly updated on your social media channels, then it will not take a lot of time to create a viral buzz around your event. From then on you basically have to do nothing! The flow will take care of it and your event will be a grand success. I take it for granted that you will create an event page on Facebook and other available options as well as separate pages for your events on different social platforms. And of course, focus on Snapchat is increasing rapidly, so, keep an eye on it.

Well Crafted Message

Amid all these glamorous aspects of promoting your event, you may forget the written messages to use on your marketing contents. But this too is a very important aspect of promoting an event successfully. Your written contents should be precise, soothing and should communicate the perks of attending your events instantly to the readers’ minds.

Continue Promotion Even After the Event

Yes, you have heard it right! A successful event is a badge to wear on your business. Its value stretches far and wide for your overall marketing and business expansion. So, you should keep promoting your event even after it is done. Keep updating your social pages with glorious photos of your events. Share events videos. Share interviews with attendees who have benefited from the event. That way, you will create traction for your events event long after the final day is passed.
So, these are the most effective, interesting and creative ways to promote your events successfully. No matter what your business is and what the type of event you are about to create. Just follow these and your event promotion will be a grand hit.

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