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  • 11 Jan 2017

6 Easy Ways to Market Your Law Practice

No matter if you have just started your law practice and need to attract your first client or you have built a name in your industry, you need to continually promote your law practice in order to stay ahead of the competition. Online advertising is the necessary tool to get you started with your first clients and help you build your brand. It is important to get your services available for potential clients.

Advertising takes time, effort, and more importantly money. If you’re on a limited budget, check out these free internet advertising methods that you can try before getting into the paid advertising campaign.

Specifically for your Law Practice, Here are Free, or Cheap Promotion Methods that will Help you Win Over new Clients:

1. Build a Strong Social Media Presence

The time you spend on your social media platforms should be valuable. Meaning, social media shouldn’t be extremely time-consuming, but you shouldn’t neglect it either. The key to building a strong social media presence is to work on growing your law practice by sharing useful information with your clients every day.

Connecting to your potential clients is not the only thing that you should put your efforts in. It is important to connect with other lawyer and attorney and other people that are not involved in the legal profession. LinkedIn is the most suitable platform where you can connect with many other law firms and unique platforms such as NetProReferral . The platform offers a fresh opportunity for lawyers, attorneys, and other professionals to create a strong network, based on reliable references, get referred by mentors and other experts, and rank high based on their quality.

2. Create a Web Page

On your web page, provide useful, straight to the point information about the services you provide. Connect with your clients through Live Chat. It instantly gives a picture that your clients can discuss their legal problems with an attorney that is interested in solving them. Don’t forget to launch a mobile version of your web page.

3. Write Content to Increase Visibility

The key to engaging your readers with content is to get personal, address their needs, and intrigue them. Your clients should get interested in what you do and why you are the right person to help them.
One little tweak that will help you get more clients is to specialize when your use your keywords. After you make your keyword research, get specific when writing your content. Your clients will look for a way to solve their problem, and not look for something general.

4. YouTube

Make a unique YouTube video and place it on your YouTube channel. It will improve your Google visibility. Also, you can use the video as a way to communicate with your potential clients. Ask them to post questions on your Tweeter profile and then answer it for them. It will make your clients interested and you can lure them into using your services.

5. Host a Local Event

It will cost you some money, but your name will be mentioned in your community for a while. People will promote it on social media, and you will definitely get new clients. You should also get involved in social networking events, hold a speech on someone else’s event and just be active in your community.

6. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to remind your potential and existing clients about the benefits they can enjoy from you as a lawyer, how can you solve their problems, and remind them about important things you can do for them. Once a week, or once a month, try to engage your client with something useful that will be in their interest.

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