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  • 28 Aug 2018

5 Tips to Identify Influencers That Will Deliver Real Results for Your Business

influencer marketing

Results of a research done by Twitter and Annalect together display that more than half of the buying decisions by today’s consumers are taken under the recommendation of the influencers.

In the present era of internet and social media, influencers play a great role in the growth of the business and identifying them is another challenge with which 75% of the businesses are struggling.

So, let’s not be the part of the strugglers and go ahead wisely with the 5 tips mentioned below for choosing the most appropriate top influencers and making it the cost friendly method of producing customers.

#1 Look For The Instagram Influencers:

The influencer marketing campaigns may take your business to the sky or may bury it down into the earth. It’s obvious that you won’t want to spend money on some faux. Instagram is a reliable platform where you can get influencers and make them follow you.

However, rather than believing the influencers blindly just take the help of tools like Status People, Social Audit Pro and Influencer DB. You will have to look at the numbers and graphs showing video views, follower graph, follower organic growth, quality of audience, followers to like ratio and the quality and quantity of comments to get to the top influencers.

Mostly, followers graph of an authentic Instagram account shows a gradual rise and a fake account may show a steep rise.

#2 Find The Right Fit Influencers:

It would be wastage of money and time if you end up choosing a good influencer but there is no relevancy between their followers and your target customers. So, your first aim should be finding the right fit influencers through the right influencer strategy.

Checking the quality of posts is the foremost step in this section. Lengthy and high-quality content is helpful in attracting the audience. Researching on its target demography and geography is another essential task to be done.

This section will require more of a manual task than tools. Observing and browsing will give you some assistance.

#3 Look For Authentic Engagement:

Fake followers may seem good in the beginning, but later on, the effects can be negative. So, rather going with fake followers, look for authentic engagement.

Your main aim of identifying the influencer is the promotion which directly depends on the engagement of its followers. Likes, comments and shares are what here engagement means.

The ratio of follower activities to the number of the followers will be of great help in this step. The more will be the ratio, the more is the influencer beneficial for you.

#4 Macro vs Micro Influencers:

The number of people you want to target is in direct proportion to your budget. You have to decide the number of audiences you want to target and the amount you want to spend. When it comes to the influence of advertisement, you may come across two types of influencers- Macro and Micro.

Macro influencers are quite popular. These include celebrities who have millions of followers. By using macro influencers, a brand can showcase itself in front of millions of people. It is great for awareness and visibility.

On the other hand, Micro influencers are those who have less than 10k followers. They come under local influencer marketing.

It’s understood, the more will be the reach of the influencer the more he will charge. Go according to your budget; don’t be greedy in case of audience size.

#5 Put Influencer Relationship First:

One of the challenges brands face when working with potential influencers is engaging them and getting their attention. Building relationships with influencers can be a daunting task, but if you put influencer relationship first, things are not as difficult as it seems.

Potential again is the subset of the engagement. The higher the engagement will be the more it will sound potential for your business.

You will get the better return on investment if the influencer is giving a great exposure to your product by posting and promoting your messages. He may also ask other influencers to represent your product.

Simply speaking, though identifying influencer is one of the toughest tasks but it is a vital part of your business growth if done properly and wisely. It has been proven one of the most efficient ways of procuring customers.

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