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  • 08 Feb 2018

5 Holiday Networking Ideas

Most of the people may think that holidays are the perfect time to take a break from busy business lives and research. As a business perspective, there are some who believe that holidays are not that much effective for doing a business, but the reality is completely different. Do you think the same? If yes, get away from this thinking. When it comes to improving your business network and getting business benefits, holidays can provide the best opportunities, so never say no to invitations. With all the holiday family visits, events, and parties, the holidays offer the best networking opportunities.

Here are some effective networking tips for this holiday season which will help you maintain your focus on your business. Have a look at them:

1. Never say no to holiday events and parties

If you’re searching for the new and interested people to connect with your business network, holiday event or party is the best place. These are the occasions where you get the opportunity to meet new people. Talk to them, tell them about your business, listen to what they do, and build a connection. Attending holiday parties is also a good idea to meet people already in your contact. A great way to strengthen your relationship with them.

2. Host a holiday event

Hosting a party at your home, restaurant, or bar is also a good idea. This is a great time to meet and reconnect with people you already know including your friends, business associates, clients, referral partners, and others.

3. Send holiday greetings

You can send letters, cards, newsletters, and emails during the holiday season. Let the people in your contact/network know that how much you value them and are thinking about them. They will really appreciate your efforts.

4. Always be ready and prepared

Be prepared for every party or event you attend. Talk to people and tell them concisely and clearly about your business. Have a prepared introduction, keep your business cards with you, and give them to new people you meet.

5. Make a list of questions for a smooth conversation

Never ask silly questions or don’t be over-friendly in the very first meeting. Prepare a list of questions in your mind to keep the conversation going on whenever you talk to new people. You may ask questions like:

●  Who do you know at this party?
●  How do you know the host of the party?
●  What about your family?
●  What is your business?
●  How was your business this year?
●  What are your plans for the next year?
●  What types of customers are you looking for your business?

Also, be prepared to answer such type of questions because they can ask you the same.

6. Dress appropriately

Dress up according to the occasion. Before deciding your dress, know what kind of event it is. Whether it is an office party, holiday party, or something else, make sure to dress appropriately.

These are must follow networking ideas this holiday season. Don’t let this thought “the holiday season is a slow time for doing business” come to your mind. If you want to get ahead this holiday season, stick to these amazing tips. Make the most profits for your business out of your holidays with these networking tips.

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