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  • 23 Aug 2017

4 Killer Referral Marketing Lessons for Fast-Growth E-commerce Businesses

Online Referral Marketing

E-commerce is the commerce of today. If you can somehow manage to pull out a fast-growing e-commerce business then your journey towards your economic independence won’t be far away from your reach. But in your e-commerce endeavor, learning effective ways to referral marketing is the stepping stone to success. You are going to do exactly that here. You are going to learn four killer referral marketing lessons for running referral marketing campaigns for a fast-growth e-commerce business.

Tracking and Monitoring

The most important aspect of doing a successful online referral marketing campaign is to track each and every marketing efforts that you make. Track each of your ads, copy of your ads, and the channels that you are using to deliver those ads. Find out which tactics are working the best? Which approach is yielding the most results? This way, you should keep split testing and monitoring each element of your referral marketing campaign and keep changing your tactics according to the results. This is the most important referral marketing lesson you will ever get as it will take you to the most effective referral marketing process that will yield the best possible results.

Offering Incentives

Another essential element of running a referral marketing campaign is to offer incentives to your customers. This means to offer some sort of reward for referring you to others. You can also do the same for the ones who are being referred to you. You must find out the incentives that really attract conversions. Think out of the box to come up with surprising gifts for your customers. You can try split testing and analytics to get to the best possible option.

Superb Web Presence

It doesn’t need me to tell you that you will need a superb web presence to run a referral marketing campaign for your e-commerce business. And you will definitely need some separate web development efforts for your referral marketing. You will have to make your whole web presence referral friendly both in terms of design and convenience. You have to put refer buttons and links on all the relevant places. Have a content marketing plan to back your referral campaign. And integrate all of it through having a standalone referral landing page through which all of your referrals will have to go through. That way your analytics will become much easier to accomplish.

Effortless Buyer’s Journey

The moment a customer is referred to you or lands on any of your portals they must be engaged and entertained in a manner that their whole journey till receiving the service becomes enjoyable and effortless. In this regard, you must have a 360-degree customer service in place along with having all the necessary educative and informative contents ready to be delivered right when a customer needs it based on the stage they are in on their buyer’s journey. If you can attract and retain a lead right from the very beginning and guide them cordially through the whole sales process then they will be very impressed with your service and further promote your referral campaigns through letting their friends and family about you.

This way, if you can follow all the referral marketing lessons described above you will never struggle to get conversions from your referral marketing campaigns.

In conclusion, I would like to impart the last piece of referral marketing lesson to you that is having a NetProReferral profile. Have a profile here to get referred by all the other businesses that trust you and believe in you. It will give a heavy boost to your referral marketing endeavours.

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